Glossary of Terms for Plastic Surgery

Plastic cosmetic surgery has its own lingo. You will run into phrases you don’t know. With any luck, this practical guide will aid you in understanding.

Augmentation mammaplasty: Making the breasts bigger thru surgical procedures.

Blepharoplasty: Eye lid surgical treatment to enhance the look of upper eye lids, lower eye lids or both.

Breast lift: Often known as mastopexy; surgical procedure to raise the breast tissue.

Collagen: An all-natural protein for filler injections in soft tissue enhancement.

Dermabrasion: Polishing of your skin mechanically.

Donor site: A region of the body in which the cosmetic surgeon harvests skin, muscle tissue and body fat to rebuild your breasts – generally found in much less revealed parts of the body like the backside, tummy or back.

General anesthesia: Prescription drugs and/or gas utilised throughout an procedure to alleviate discomfort and adjust awareness.

Injectable fillers: Substances utilized to bring back volume and gives you a younger looking physical appearance.

Light therapy: (Intense Pulsed Light) Pulses of light to deal with discoloration, texture and variations on the skin.

Saline implants: Implants filled up with a salt water solution.