Overview Of Laser Hair Removal

There are many women that consider themselves to be hairy. This could be from a number of reasons such as ethnicity or certain illnesses. Having to shave or use depilatory creams on a regular basis can get very time consuming and frustrating. On the other hand, options such as waxing are costly and painful.

Laser hair removal, LHR, can be a great alternative for many women wanting to get rid of some unsightly body hair. In addition, men can benefit from this procedure as well, especially those in professional sports such as swimming and bodybuilding.

Laser Hair Removal Types and Procedures

Ruby LHR is what most people think of when they think about this procedure. It is the method that has been used the longest. During the thirty to forty minute procedure the doctor will start by cleaning the target area and possibly numb the area with a numbing gel or cream as well. Then the laser is directed on the targeted area on the skin to slow or stop the growth from dark hair follicles. It will not work on tan or darker complexions.

Alexandrite LHR is the most widely used type of laser hair removal system. As with the Ruby laser, the skin is cleaned and numbed then the doctor uses the Alexandrite to purposely damage the follicles so the hair will not grow back. This type is great for most skin colors, up to tanned and olive complexions.

Diode laser hair removal is one of the most recent developments in the LHR industry and it works best for darker complexions. This is because to is able to distinguish between the darker skin and the dark hair follicle whereas the other systems cannot. The procedure is similar to the other two, but just uses a different laser system.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL laser hair removal is not actually laser, but works in the exact same manner. The doctor will use the IPL machine to pulsate over the target area. This can be a bit more complicated to use and usually require extra training. However, it allows the doctor to remove large areas of hair in less than a half hour.

Results And Expectations For Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Most of the LHR procedures will take under an hour to complete. However, the time frame depends on the laser type, complexion and the size of the area to be treated.

One of the reasons people have this treatment is because the patients will be able to see the results immediately. Although, it usually takes several treatment sessions to completely stop all of the hair from growing back, as some hair follicles can be missed.

The typical laser hair removal cost is in the range between $100 for touch-ups and up to $500 for treatments. For most people it can take as few as six sessions. Although, there are some individuals that may require more than the six, it will all depend on the skin complexion and thickness as well as the density of the hair and follicles.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

As with most cosmetic procedures there can be some side effects. The good news is that most laser hair removal side effects are usually mild. They can include redness of the treated areas and some swelling. There can also be an itching and burning feeling with some of the LHR types. Less common is severe pain, scarring, infections where the treatment was performed and skin discoloration.

Side effects such as allergic reactions to the laser treatment or the gels and creams used to numb the target areas are even rarer, but are possible. This could lead to the skin becoming burned, blistered and/or can change its texture. Most people are fine after applying ice packs or numbing cream and are healed within days.

For women living with embarrassing and unwanted hair such as on the lip or bikini area, a LHR procedure can be the answer. As for men who are in sports competition and are tired of shaving or waxing this can be a better option.

However, there are a few things to consider before you make an appointment for a laser hair removal procedure. Consult your skin doctor as to the best LHR type for your skin and hair, number of treatments that will be required, the cost and possible side effects. Addressing these areas beforehand will ensure your laser hair removal procedure goes as expected and gets you the results that you desired.

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