6 Breast Enlargement Exercises That Work

Breast Enlargement ExercisesPerformed properly and regularly, breast enlargement exercises are not only capable of increasing the size of your chest, they aid in premature breast sagging AND give your bosom a fuller, healthier appearance.

Exercise promotes physical and mental wellness. Why not take advantage and spend a few minutes enhancing that one part of the body that never ceases to get attention?

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Preparation For Breast Enlargement Exercises

Before starting, or adding to, an exercise program, always have a chat with your doctor. It’s important to know that you’re physically capable of handling the strain.

Start slowly. Rushing through a new routine won’t get you results faster, but it can lead to disappointment when you’re not seeing fast results. Before and after a workout, stretch and cool down.

Always remember to keep your midsection firm and support your lower back.

Breathe. Holding your breath is counterproductive as the flow of air maximizes the exercise.

Break up the routine. The body tends to get used to the most stressful conditions, forcing you to work harder. A variety of exercises, or switching up on sets or reps, is recommended.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

Breast enlargement exercises tone and tighten your breasts by enhancing the pectoral muscles, creating a larger, more defined shape. In all types of exercise, blood flow is crucial and helps pump muscularity. Combined exercises will enhance the bust line. Take before and after pictures, or measure yourself occasionally. Here are some exercises that you can perform anywhere without equipment.


Men know this is one of the simplest and easiest methods for developing the chest. Why shouldn’t you? There are, of course, different versions of push-ups that provide varying levels of pressure to the muscles, but for breast enhancement, these are the best.

Inverted Push-Up

This one is for beginners or anyone that has poor upper-body strength. Effective and low impact, it can pretty much be done anywhere at any time. Maintaining a distance of 2 or 3 feet, lean against a wall, heels slightly lifted, hands shoulder height and width apart. Now lower yourself toward the wall and push back carefully.

Kneeling Push-Up

Beginners can begin these resting on their knees, but if you want maximum results, at some point you will have to graduate to the traditional position of extending your legs.

Lie on the floor. Where you place your hands can change the muscle group that will be impacted. Palms down, body straight, support on the toes, elbows fully extended, slowly lower yourself. Hold. Now return to original position.

Pectoral Push-Up

Similar to push-ups, but makes use of the pectoral muscles and focuses on breasts tissue.

Set yourself up like regular push-ups, only bend arms and knees slightly and cross your ankles. Keep the body aligned between head and knees at all times.

These push-up exercises can be done as frequently as you want without fear of straining or harming musculature. Start with reps of 8. If you can stand it, do three sets each time.

Chair Dips

You will need a strong chair that won’t move across the floor.

Sitting, place your palms on the seat with the hands shoulder width apart. With a straight posture, lift yourself off the chair. Move forward so that you are hanging off the chair, supporting yourself with your hands. Your knees should not extend beyond your toes.

Keeping perfect posture, slowly lower your body. DO NOT let your elbows go past your shoulder. Raise yourself back up.

Perform 8 of these to start, 2–3 sets.

Dip Kneeling

Kneel on the floor with your knees apart. Lower your head, getting as close to placing it between your thighs as possible. Perform this without creating any strain or pain, but you should be experiencing a sensation in the breasts.

This exercise is considered effective in developing not only the front organs, but the areolas and nipples as well.

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When Can I See Results For Breast Enlargement Exercises

These exercises can be done daily. It’s recommended that you start every other day and build up to a daily routine. Results, of course, will vary depending on the individual. One person could see results in a few weeks, another, a month of two. Still, all of these breast enlargement exercises, done properly and regularly, promise results.

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