Overview Of Double Eyelid Surgery – How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Do you want to make your eyes look bigger? You may want to consider undergoing double eyelid surgery.

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery or its technical name Asian Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery used to install an artificial crease in Asian eyes. Furthermore, in members of the Asian race there is usually a fold or crease missing in the upper eyelid and as a result many Asians elect to undergo this type of surgery.

Critics have disputed that Asian people chose to do this surgery under pressure to look western or even Caucasian; however, many experts have said that it is not the case and Asian people get the procedure for functional purposes and to make their eyes look bigger and brighter.

Asians are not the only people who undergo this surgery; certain members of the Hispanic and Latino populations similar to most Asian people lack eyelid creases. As a result many people of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity may decide to get the eyelid surgery.

Is It Possible To Get A Double Eyelid Without Surgery?

Absolutely! There are many non-surgical options available to individuals who wish to create the illusion of a double eyelid.

You can use a special cosmetic tape or glue to create a temporary artificial double eyelid. The great thing about these products is that they are not toxic and you can easily wash the glue or tape off of your face. However, the use of cosmetic tape or glue is only a temporary fix and the only way to permanently create a double eyelid is to get surgery.

Let’s Talk Surgery! What Surgical Methods Are Available?

There are several surgical methods available when it comes to Asian Blepharoplasty. The two most popular surgical methods are the suture method and the open method.

The suture method is a surgical procedure indicated in very thin Asian eyelids. With the suture method the surgeon will create create an artificial eyelid with the use of sutures that are to be removed in a few days. Furthermore, with the suture method a very small incision is made in the side of the eyelid to remove any excess fat if necessary but every effort is made to preserve fat.

The suture method is good for younger patients who never underwent eye surgery, it may be reversible, and the suture method can be a type of scarless double eyelid surgery if the surgeon does the procedure correctly.

The open method eyelid surgery is used for patients with thick eyelids where the suture method would be difficult.

How To Prepare For Double Eyelid Surgery?

Your plastic surgeon will give you proper instructions on how to best prepare for the procedure. As with most surgical procedures you should arrive on time to your appointment, avoid taking certain medications prior to the surgery, do not eat or drink anything before the surgery, and so on.

Remember there are different requirements and you should follow the directions of your physician.

How Long Is The Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time?

The double eyelid surgery recovery time varies depending on several factors such as how well you prepare for the surgery, the experience of the surgeon, and other factors. Usually the recovery time is only a matter of a few days.

What Are The Postoperative Complications Of The Surgery?

As with any surgery there is always the chance of adverse reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, and so on. One of the most common complications related to Asian Blepharoplasty is the surgeon’s failure to make sure that the crease of the eyelid is accurately proportionate to the eyebrow ridge. In most people the brow ridge is asymmetrical; therefore, the surgeon must make sure that shape of the eyelid can compensate for the asymmetrical nature of the brow ridge.

How To Choose A Double Eyelid Surgeon?

Before deciding to do any surgery you should first talk to your primary care physician who you see annually for check-ups. Your physician will give you his or her take on the surgery and he or she may be able to refer you to an effective surgeon. An Asian Blepharoplasty procedure must be done by an experienced ophthalmologist cross trained in plastic surgery.

Who Could Get The Surgery?

Any mature adult who carefully weighed the pros and cons of getting the eyelid surgery procedure could get the surgery.

Asian Blepharoplasty is a surgical option for members of the Asian race who wants to have a double eyelid. The recovery time depends on the experience level of your surgeon as well as how you prepare for the procedure. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right surgeon to do your double eyelid surgery.

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