Overview Of Rhinoplasty – Asian Nose Job

People who are unhappy with the shape of their nose or suffer from an abnormal looking nose prefer to go for rhinoplasty. Once the surgery is done, they will look totally different because the nose is an integral part of the face and any changes done to it will create a deep impression on their appearance.

Through this Asian nose job, a person can improve his self-confidence and perform better at jobs. If you are not happy with the shape of your nose, you can make an appointment with the surgeon and he will tell you what to do next.

How Is The Rhinoplasty Performed?

In this surgery the shape of your nose is altered. The nasal bridge can either be increased or decreased and the size and width of the nose changed. The doctors will also study the angle of your nose in relation with your upper lip and alter it if it looks crooked. If the tip of the nose looks out of shape, that will also be rectified.

If, for example your nose is too wide the surgeon will remove a few wedges of skin at the base of the nose, depending on the width of the nose and make it narrow and presentable enough. The cartilage and bone forms the basic framework of your nose. It is by making small incisions on them that your surgery is done.

There is nothing to worry because the incisions made from the surgery will be hidden since it will be done in the natural crease where the nostril meets the chin. Usually, there wont be any visible scars in an Asian nose job.

There are non-surgical methods to do the surgery especially if there are ungainly bumps, dents and hollowness on your nose. People with asymmetric noses or flat nose prefer to go for the non surgical nose job. People belonging to Asian and African-American descent normally go for this kind of treatment. On the whole, the total look of their noses will be enhanced and they will have less bumpier, augmented noses.

Different Types Of Nose Jobs

Most of the nose jobs are surgical and the following are the various types:

  • Ethnic plastic surgery where people actually want to enhance their ethnic culture by making their nose more prominent,
  • Open procedure where a major reshaping is done in your nostrils,
  • Closed procedure for minor nose jobs,
  • Revision procedure where the errors made during the previous surgery will be corrected,
  • Filler procedure where the nose is made symmetrical by filling in depressions. Many people are happy with this because it is a non surgical nose job.

What Are The Expected Results For Rhinoplasty?

With this nose surgery you can expect a full recovery depending upon how badly out of shape it was. Of course, you cannot expect your nose to look as good as new within a few days of surgery.If you have breathing problems due to a crooked nose, that will be rectified soon.

The biggest disadvantage of the surgery is that if it is not done in the proper way, you will have to go through one or more corrective surgeries. Since it is a delicate job, the surgeon should be extremely careful and competent. Sometimes you will have to go through several rectifying surgeries to get the desired results.

If your expectations are realistic you will get what you want. However, sometimes you have to be patient, waiting about a year for a full recovery. But within 6 months or so the swelling will come down. And the bruising around the nasal area will disappear within weeks.

You will not have to do any hard jobs for about 3-4 weeks or unless your doctor certifies that you have had a full rhinoplasty recovery.

Any Side-Effects For Nose Surgery?

The nose job is not yet perfect, that’s why many people had to go for corrective surgeries. The side-effects are bleeding, breathing problems, hematoma, infections, nose bleeds, swelling, scarring and bursting of small blood vessels.

How To Find A Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

When you are meeting with your surgeon you must be perfectly honest with him and tell him what exactly you expect from the surgery. Since the surgery is done for two major reasons – improving aesthetic appearance and resolving sinus problems, the doctor will be able to provide you with true results when you tell him exactly what you want.

Depending upon where you stay you can search for all the good nose job surgeons in your area. Seek an appointment with him and don’t forget to ask him about the cost too. Normally, the rhinoplasty cost will be in the price range of $3000-$8000. All the indentations will be solved, bumps removed, hollowness evened out and a total reshaping is done with good rhinoplasty.

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